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Ice Cream Tips and Trends for 2020Posted on 16/03/2020
















It’s that time of the year to think about sunnier days.


 Whether that’s serving scoops at events, or perhaps branching out to make the most of brighter, longer days
by adding iced snacks to your product line.Here’s some tips and trends on branding, colours, presentation, flavours
& ingredients that we’ve spotted for the coming season – but first, some reasons to profit from frozen snacks if you
don’t already:


They All Scream For … Reasons to Serve Ice Cream

( … as if you needed any)


  1. Colorful – people buy with their eyes. (Or the eyes of their children!)
  2. Popular – nearly everyone loves ice cream!
  3. Low Cost of Entry – it’s easy and affordable to setup or add to your current business – especially if you already sell 
  4. chilled drinks and snacks.
  5. Positive – because it’s associated with good times. Ice cream is great for your brand image, especially if served in a
  6.  sustainable cup.


Sunshine and Sprinkles – Ice Cream Trends for 2020




























Presentation & Design

A continuation of pastel – especially turquoise, aqua and mint – colour palettes and themes for both cups and scoops. These complement crimson, scarlet and red-orange combinations for contrast. 






























Premium Look & Textures

Á la carte toppings and floral-style rolled ice cream trimmings, indulgent ingredients and flavours add to the progression of the artisanal movement. High-end sorbets and shave ice trends continue. Many mainstream ice cream sellers are following the top-end Gelaterias by upping their game with more than than just a few added marshmallows or sprinkles for contrasting mouthfeel and aesthetics. Brûlée and dry ice can still be seen at the cutting edge parlours.





























Warm weather aside, the ‘on-the-go’ snacking trend continues, with supplements such as added or high protein variants,
sheeps milk, vitamins and probiotics, lactose and egg free ice cream, CBD-infused and plant-based frozen ice options.




Customers see sustainability as a must-have – not a nice-to-have. So recycled napkins, wooden or biodegradable spoons and alternative-coating cups such as ‘Bio’ compostable cups or certified recyclable paper cups are pretty much compulsory.

Taste Samples

Tiny branded free sample cups to get your flavours and brand name ‘Out There’. 4 oz espresso cups are perfect for this.


Antique and nostalgia-influenced fonts and both US Dairy Parlour and British ice cream van retro branding styles are big right now.


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