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Blank Canvas or colourful background

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Blank Canvas or colourful background

To use colour or not? That is the question. Chefs will never walk completely away from the white plate, as it is the perfect canvas to present food. Nevertheless the use of your crockery is as making a fashion statement with the designs.

So the choice of your crockery will vary depending on the style of your restaurant. The tableware needs to complement the décor of the restaurant, and your crockery will take your food to the next level.

Over the years chefs moved towards more esoteric materials like slate and roof tiles or even unusual items like shovels, but that seems to be passed now. But colour is the way to present food now!

Colourful background

Coloured crockery doesn’t only make your table have a more modern look; it also creates a nice dining atmosphere. Soft green, turquoise, purple or blue make your table trendy. On the other hand earthy colours give your dish a more traditional and rustic feel.

Coloured range 72dpi

The Rustic and Antigo Terra Stoneware range provide a rustic and earthy style of food presentation. This rustic look will allow you to elevate the appeal of your dishes. Ideal for tapas or Mediterranean dishes with colourful nature.

Black canvas

Combining black with white crockery creates a more sophisticated style. Black crockery combined with wood is ideal for presenting the traditional dishes with a modern twist.

ForgeRange 72dpi

The Forge Stoneware is a unique and stylish range to look like cast iron with the practicality of stoneware. 


What do we choose: a blank canvas or a colourful background? There is no right or wrong answer here. It is all about indiviuality and bringing everything together, form tableware, decor, crockery and most importantly the food. Your white plate will always be the start of your colourful story you are telling. 

Do you prefer a combination of colour or a blank canvas? We'd love to hear from you, share your thoughts with us at @BunzlBML

Fun fact: The colour of your plate determines how your food taste. So your strawberry mousse on a white plate will taste much more sweeter than on a black plate. The reason is that the mousse on a white plate looks more pink, and people associate this with the sweetness.

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