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70 million plastic straws are entering landfill or making their way into the world’s oceans each year. Bars and restaurants have recently come under pressure from “Refuse the Straw” 

At Bunzl McLaughlin we are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring our vast product range to life, including demonstrations and exhibitions at various industry events throughout the year. However now in the heart of Dublin we are able to showcase our collection all year-round, following the opening of the brand new Culinary Innovation Centre.

It has come to our attention that a high percentage of mains water supply in Ireland is now being chlorinated. This chlorination is it at level that will be detrimental to all reverse osmosis water purification systems: Romatik 150, 160, 210, 420, XS, new AT Excellence Range.

To use colour or not? That is the question. Chefs will never walk completely away from the white plate, as it is the perfect canvas to present food. Nevertheless the use of your crockery is as making a fashion statement with the designs.


Shake up your water, and keep your guests hydrated this summer, with the latest trend of flavoured water.. Not only does it look amazing, but tastes great and is healthy too.

Bunzl Mclaughlin are delighted to be one of the lead sponsors at Taste of Tourism Summit 2017 on 4th April in Culloden Estate & Spa. This summit celebrates the world of food and drink with world renowned speakers, fabulous food and a great opportunity for networking. 

Spring 2017 will be full on with bowls throughout our crockery collections. It’s not just because our bowls are something special - which they are, of course. Filling a bowl of food makes us fuller. More and more people are choosing bowl-based dishes.